TCV Handicraft Cum Vocational Training Centre is a non-profit organisation based in Dharamsala, North India.  We are a branch of Tibetan Children's Village an integrated community in exile for the care and education of orphans, destitutes and children recently arrived from Tibet.  At TCV Handicrafts, it is our aim to give recent Tibetan refugees a concrete education in traditional Tibetan arts and crafts, and to help them seek gainful employment opportunities in exile.  We have 6 different training sections: Tailoring, Woodcarving, Bakery, Screenprinting, Thangka Painting, and Carpet Weaving.  All of our products are available for sale, with proceeds going directly to support the educational funding of Tibetan refugee children at TCV Schools throughout India

We have a large selection of traditional Tibetan handicraft items-meticulous handmade and other items used in Tibetan religious rituals and daily chores. As a manufacturer and exporter, we offer only the quality works that have conformed to our standards and specifications.

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