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Join us as a business associate to earn an extra income without hampering your regular work schedule.

Straight forward process to join us: There are no special eligibility criteria to join as a business associate. Anyone can join who is having a graduation degree and marketing skills. Enroll yourself free with sign-up form.

Generate Recurring Income: Business associates can generate recurring income once they enroll a client for the first time, he will get 10% and 5% on every year's plan renewal. It is a life time opportunity to make a passive income.

With passive income you can have money coming in even as you pursue your primary job, or if you’re able to build up a solid stream of passive income, you might want to kick back a little. Either way, a passive income gives you extra security.

And if you’re worried about being able to save enough of your earnings to meet your retirement goals, building wealth through passive income is a strategy that might appeal to you, too.

Ease of work: There is no hard and fast rule to work from the office only. Once a Business associate joins us, they can work from anywhere. No need to come and sit in an office for long hours.

Once you interact with the client and explain the business plan and get all the required details and pass to the company via online/offline mode whichever is feasible for you.

Source of additional income: Business Associates can create a source of additional income without hampering their regular work schedule.

Everyone is going through the job crisis because of the cover-19 pandemic situation so it is a golden opportunity to join us and create a source of additional income. 

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